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  • Benefit from deep volume discounts from top couriers in North America
  • Real time rate comparisons - see the lowest price and fastest service each and every time
  • Cost Control on every shipment
  • No-risk solution, no set up fees, no software downloads

Save Time

  • One account gives you access to multiple carriers
  • Quickly compare rates and time commitments
  • Create orders, print labels & track shipments

Efficient and Transparent

  • Easy integrations with internal systems and e-commerce platforms
  • Automated financial reconciliation, real time, at a glance
  • Custom user view and access - allowing multiple users and control
  • Real time data analytics and activity tracking for entire supply chain

Risk-Free Solution

The WeeklySHIP™ approach is focused on offering package cost containment services to virtually any sized company, regardless of number of employees, packages sent, or diversity of facilities.

  • For smaller shippers (annual shipping spend of $50k and up) businesses can leverage an advanced Transportation Management System (TMS) platform that allows companies to ship at drastically reduced rates across multiple carriers and modes (Parcel, LTL, FTL, Ocean, etc.). The TMS provides operational efficiencies via single portal design login that allows businesses to rate shop and have a central repository for multiple carrier shipping, reporting, and billing.
  • For larger shippers (over $1M in annual shipping spend) businesses can leverage sophisticated processes, business intelligence and experience to successfully renegotiate carrier contracts. This service allows businesses to operate normally with no changes to their current logistic operations, but at substantially reduced rates for deep impact to their bottom line.

WeeklySHIP™ operates as a risk-free extension of your staff saving you money each and every week. Click below and join the thousands of accounts that have discovered why WeeklySHIP™ is on an entirely different level when it comes to turnkey cost reduction.

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About Us

Since 2003, Recovery Control Systems (RCS) has provided the industry’s leading small package auditing solution, called WeeklyAUDIT™. In 2020, RCS launched a new division, WeeklySHIP™, rounding out our SaaS model allowing shippers to save money each week on their shipping.

There have been dynamic changes in the business marketplace over the past 5 years. Our WeeklySHIP™ division services a rapidly expanding need as shipping, transportation and logistics has grown into a priority focus of business executives. As shipping volumes and costs continue to increase annually, businesses are looking to WeeklySHIP™ to find ways to reduce their costs and efficiencies.

WeeklySHIP™ will help you save time, save money and increase your transportation and logistics efficiency. Click “Learn More” below to speak with a shipping specialist for more information with a no obligation cost analysis.

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